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Hi, I am Shaked Katsir.

Director and editor.

Graduated with honors from Beit Berl collage film department.

From the moment I created my first visual project I realized this is what I want to do in my life.

Telling stories, showing them to the world, evoking emotions, touching, calling to action.

Ever since that early moment I have never had another profession.

At the age of 18 I started working as a freelance film maker and made my way through fiction and documentary cinema, music videos, commercials and corporate films.

Throughout my studies I worked as an assistant at the editing suites whom I eventually managed. Later I became the foreign relations manager and festival coordinator of the film department. 

And I have never stopped directing and editing.

I worked alongside several documentary directors and producers, led projects, managed teams and various productions.

As a director I draw a lot of inspiration from the world and various works of art. I tend to give the sometimes harsh reality, a fantastic aspect, to bring images a different meaning, to push boundaries, to constantly reinvent myself.

Otherwise, what’s the point…

The visual and esthetics of my cinema is crucial to me. The ability to move and touch with every frame is what I aspire.

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