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Documentary | 25 min | Israel 2018

Another day at BETEREM clinic in Tel Aviv central bus station. Eli, an African refugee, works as a translator and Rebeca, a newcomer from England is a volunteer at the clinic both in their daily routine.  While the danger of deportation hovers over Eli’s head, Rebeca is free to choose the course of her life.

Creators: Shaked Katsir, Shahar Tenne, Ido Marom, Lior Nitsan
Cinematographer : Shahar Tenne, Ido Marom, Shaked Katsir, Lior Nitsan
Editor: Shaked Katsir
Sound Design: Dean Katz Ritov
Coloring: Ariel Guetta

People of Hope: Video

>> Haila International Film Festival 2018

People of Hope: Text
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